About Us

About Redwave Communications

Our team features campaign professionals, creative talent, and management with the right experience in achieving results. We've managed voter contact campaigns of all sizes, from a few thousand voters, to tens of millions.

Marisa Tank

Chief Executive Officer

Marisa Tank has been the wheels that make Redwave Communications turn since 2006. She began working as a copy editor and production manager for JDK Marketing and Public Affairs, the forerunner to Redwave. She later took a leave to work as the Youth Coordinator for Romney for President in Iowa and the Midwest E-Campaign Director for John McCain for President. In 2009, Marisa came back to Redwave and has since served as the Chief Operating Officer. In 2015, Marisa was promoted to CEO. She oversees the design, production, and execution of every single project that comes through our door, which includes tens of millions of pieces of mail all over the country.


Sara Craig


One of the country’s top campaign managers, Sara brings vast strategic knowledge to Redwave. Serving as Iowa Caucus Manager and Virginia State Director for Mitt Romney in 2012, Campaign Manager for Ron Ramsey for Governor in Tennessee in 2010, Executive Director and Legislative Caucus Director of the North Dakota Republican Party in 2008, and various other campaign positions in between, Sara understands what it takes to manage a budget, direct a staff, and make strategic decisions.


Tim Albrecht

Message Executive

Tim Albrecht is one of the most recognizable communications professionals in Iowa, with over 15 years of political messaging experience. Among his work, he served as Communications Director on the campaigns of Romney for President and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, and in Governor Branstad's official office. Tim masters the media and messaging arc of any political or public affairs project.


David Kochel


With more than 30 years of political and public affairs experience in Iowa and around the nation, David has been a senior consultant to many successful political and corporate clients. He is respected in national political circles and is regularly sought out by top local and national media for his expert commentary and background information on key political issues.


Redwave Communications Evolution


A strong start

Kochel forms JDK Marketing & Public Affairs, taking on such clients as Romney for Governor in Massachusetts, to Arnold Schwarzenegger, to the New Rights Party of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.


Award-winning campaigns

innovative programs

Provided consulting and mail support for Romney’s Presidential campaign, as well as state and local elections and our numerous corporate clients


Cross Country Voter Contact

Provided consulting and mail support for Romney’s Presidential campaign, as well as state and local elections and our numerous corporate clients.



Kochel re-branded as Redwave Communications while continuing to produce winning messaging for clients nationwide.


East Coast Swing

Handled mail for Chris Christie’s successful Governor’s race.


New Location

Set up shop in the Ingersoll business corridor

Winning with Direct Mail

Produced direct mail for 72 winning GOP congressional candidates in 24 states as a member of the Republican National Committee’s voter contact team.


Election Mail

Managed direct mail programs for Governor Mitt Romney’s successful march to the nomination and in several targeted states in the general election.


Redwave Digital

Opened subsidiary company Redwave Digital, to handle increased digital campaign requests.


A Banner Year

Handled direct mail for statewide campaigns of Senator-elect Joni Ernst, Governor Terry Branstad, Senator Scott Brown, and dozens of other clients from coast-to-coast.

2015 and Beyond

Company facts

Our team includes more than a dozen designers, staff photographers and videographers, and a huge production team that can produce tens of millions of pieces of direct mail per cycle, on time and on budget.


Hours of development


million printed pieces of mail in 2012.


states printed and mailed into since 2010.


million pieces of mail in 2014


ZERO Missed Deadlines